12-05-01 RESPONSE AND REPLY, RE: Israeli settlements on Palestinian land: Simulated decision of the Supreme Court of the State of Israel

Dear BH:

High visibility cases, such as in the press release below are used as a means to document the scope of the corruption of governments, and to educate the public of the nature of the justice systems in the respective nations.

What is the diagnosis?

  • Any nation, including, but no limited to the United States and Israel (which foolishly mimicked the conduct of the US courts, with help from US corporations), where the judges have adopted the custom of publishing simulated electronic decisions and conducting simulated litigation, is effectively under a tyranny of the courts.
  • In both the United States and Israel, such developments were directly linked to the implementation of fraudulent electronic record systems in the courts by the courts themselves, with no public oversight.
  • No court should be permitted to implement its own electronic record system, since such systems effectively amount to new regulations of the courts (a point that is more clearly documented in the case of the Israeli courts, below).
  • Eventually, banks will take over such nations, since by their nature, judges and attorneys like the beautiful eyes of the bankers.

What are the proposed remedies?

  • Examination and repair of the fraudulent electronic record systems of the courts, under accountability to the legislature of the respective nations.
  • Establishment of a Truth and Reconciliation Commissions, since in such nations the judiciary and the legal profession as a class undermined the rule of law and violated their oaths of loyalty to the laws of the respective nations.

The diagnosis is not palatable, and the remedies are painful.  Most writers here offer cosmetics, where emergency surgery is necessary to rescue nations under tyranny.

Why should any US citizen or any citizen of another nation care about the conduct of the courts of the State of Israel?

  • It may be easier to see through and accept the fraud in the conduct of the courts and the legal profession, relative to the electronic record systems of the courts, when it does not pertain to the courts of your own nation… 

Joseph Zernik, PhD
Human Rights Alert (NGO)

At 12:36 AM 4/30/2012, you wrote:

Apparently you don’t remember Andrew Jackson’s exploits in Florida.
As to your writings, I appreciate your effort to make them seem scholarly, but when you talk law and politics you have a moral duty to lead the way to righteousness…

EXPRESS AN OPINION.  Put it up front.  Do you promote the Israeli settlements on Palestinian lands or not? Why?  On what basis?  Do you agree with the Supreme Court?  Why?  Why does their opinion matter to anybody, and why should it?  Explain why you hold your opinion.   Justify it somehow. S P E L L it out.




joseph zernik [ mailto:jz12345@earthlink.net]
Sent: Sunday, April 29, 2012 11:09 AM
To: joseph zernik
Subject: Israeli settlements on Palestinian land: Simulated decision of the Supreme Court of the State of Israel

Press ReleaseIsraeli settlements on Palestinian land: Simulated decision of the Supreme Court of the State of Israel
Israeli media expressed surprise at the government’s intention to disobey a “final” Supreme Court decision, purportedly entered a year ago, which required the demolition by May 1, 2012, of a settlement, unlawfully constructed on Palestinian land.  However, the evidence shows that for a full decade, since the implementation of a new electronic record system in the Supreme Court, there are no “final”, entered decisions of the Supreme Court.  All decisions are ‘subject to changes’, and the Chief Clerk of the Supreme Court refuses to certify any of the Court’s decisions. In March 2002, a simulated justice system was established in the State of Israel by the Supreme Court itself. [] [] Beit El’s Ulpana neighborhood. 

Supreme Court of the State of Israel. Prior to 2002, all electronic records were certified by the late Chief Clerk, “True copy of the original”. Today, all records are noted as ‘subject to changes’. The Beit El’s Ulpana, unlawfully constructed on Palestinian land.

View as PDF: http://www.scribd.com/doc/91726045/ 


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