12-04-28 “War on Drugs” – the US government/banking complex as a leading drug racket

In the recent Cartagena summit, US President Obama staunchly opposed the Latin American nations’ call for legalizing drugs, and disregarded the United Nations call for ending “War on Drugs”.  The failed “War on Drugs” has cost over 50,000 lives in Mexico over the past decade.  The evidence shows that the CIA has been a leading wholesale drug trafficker for decades, particularly under President Reagan’s “Say no to drugs” campaign. US media avoid reporting on the role of the CIA in wholesale drug trafficking. Major US and international banks are the money launderers.  According to UN agencies, laundering drug money has become a critical factor in solvency of the banking system under the current financial crisis. The “War of Drugs” is also responsible for the swelling US prison population, greater today than the Soviet-era Gulag, benefiting privatized, for-profit prisons. Criminologists are in agreement that the highest societal cost of failed drug policies is in the thorough corruption of the justice system, including, but not limited to failing banking regulation.

Mexico drugs  []  title= []    []   20111227-023737.jpg   Emacs! [] []   [] []
A soldier guards marijuana that is being incinerated in Tijuana, Mexico. Public hanging by drug cartels in Mexico. Tons of cocaine found in a crash of CIA plane in Mexico. Wells Fargo and other major US and international banks launder hundred of billions of dollars in proceeds. US prisoner population has reached 2.4 millions, benefiting corporate, for profit prisons.

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