12-03-03 What Keeps Full-Scale Riots From Breaking Out in the USA? // Lo que mantiene a escala completa disturbios que estallara en los EE.UU.? // 是什么让全部从在美国爆发大规模骚乱?

Americans Are Protesting, But What Keeps Full-Scale Riots From Breaking Out?

Michael Katz’s new book traces the lack of urban unrest to America’s complex web of freedoms and repression.

February 15, 2012  |  Michael Katz’s Why Don’t American Cities Burn? is both a crushing reminder of seemingly intractable problems that still face American cities and an exploration of why things aren’t worse. It is a slim book that serves as a general overview of the current state of the urban studies field, and although it went to the presses before Occupy Wall Street broke out, it provides some insight into the structural challenges facing the protesters who have recently flooded the streets of American metropolises.



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