12-03-02 Occupy 2.0 takes on foreclosures// El 2,0 Ocupar toma en las ejecuciones hipotecarias // 占据2.0注意到止赎 // Занимайте 2,0 Берет выкупа



Occupy’s Return From Hibernation

The movement will next take on foreclosures.

By Sally Kohn

 February 24, 2012 “The American Prospect” — As winter fades, the Occupy Wall Street movement is heating up again. But don�t expect the same focus on physical encampments and rowdy protests. While the blood of the 99 percent is still boiling at the injustice of growing inequality, in organizing meetings and workgroups, cooler heads are prevailing. This is Occupy 2.0 – the mainstreaming of momentum.

From my conversations with Occupy organizers and supporters, my sense is that the main thrust of organizing energy and attention will go toward Occupy Our Homes – a coalition of Occupy activists joining with existing grassroots groups to support families that are facing foreclosure or have been evicted by big banks. Prioritizing Occupy Our Homes is great choice for two reasons. 




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