12-02-07 Florida Patriots Speak Out against Abuse by Government! // Patriotas de la Florida Movilízate contra el abuso por parte del Gobierno! // 佛罗里达州爱国者大声疾呼反对政府滥用!// Флорида патриоты выступают против жестокого обращения со стороны!

Florida Patriots Speak Out Against Government Abuse

By Bob Hurt, 7 February 2012 – for immediate release and broad distribution

Foreword.  If you want to “cut to the chase,” watch this two-hour uncut video of a patriot meeting and this one-hour video on loyalty oaths in Florida.   Find this document at http://www.scribd.com/doc/80878142

ABC News Producer Dan Lieberman called me in mid-January 2012 to tell me he come to Florida the following week and wanted to interview.  He had read articles I had written and posted to my blog and Lawmen group.  I hadn’t known him as any particular news producer.  I said “Sure.”

Dan came into my home and interviewed me on his small camera.  He seemed interested in sovereign citizen.  I told him I thought myself the wrong person, and he said he thought I was exactly the right person.  I explained that I didn’t consider myself a member of any “sovereign citizen” group. Dan asked me to round up others willing to be interviewed.

Dan proceeded to ask me whether I believed any circumstances justify violence against government.  I explained that violence means unlawful physical force, and that both the Constitution of Florida and the Declaration of Independence fully justify the use of physical force to “alter or abolish their form of government”.

READ THE COMPLETE ARTICLE:  http://www.scribd.com/doc/80895582/


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