12-02-04 OCCUPY DC : Cops attack McPherson Park! // OCUPAR DC: Policías ataque McPherson Park! // 占据直流:警察攻击麦克弗森公园! // Занимайте DC: Cops атаки Макферсон Park!


OCCUPY DC : Cops attack McPherson Park! Multiple Updates, w/Livestream video Embed

By Brett Redmayne-Titley (about the author)

Update 4:25 pm: At least two protesters from Freedom Park who went to the McPherson Park to offer assistance have been injured. It has been reported that an occupier named Mike has a hairline fracture in his arm, resulting from being hit by police. Another occupier, Taylor, has reportedly been tased and arrested.

A GA (General Assembly) is scheduled for 5 pm at Freedom Plaza. Sgt. Beck from the DC Park Police will reportedly be giving further instructions for compliance, although it has been noted that the police did not seem to honor the fact that many tents or areas in McPherson Park were in compliance, and were removed or destroyed anyway. (Mab)

Update 4 pm: Barry Knight, our contact at the Freedom Plaza camp in Washington DC, reports that currently there is no police presence at Freedom Park, and camping continues as usual. (mab)

update at 12:25 live feed reports police are unloading rubber bullet weapons. Reporting “what looks like a military humvee there.”

Update at 12:04 EST. All tents have been removed from the southeast section of McPherson Park. Six arrests now. One man tazed for holding sticks, not threatening, not doing anything.
Police in process of removing one of many tents at Occupy DC, McPherson Park

Mike Check at gate. Occupiers cursing out police. That may be sh*t on the pavement, possibly from horses. Man in orange is speaking.
“Mike Check. We love this Park. This is our park…”

READ MORE: http://www.opednews.com/articles/OCCUPY-DC–5-35AM-Cops-a-by-Brett-Redmayne-Tit-120204-961.html 


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