12-01-31 To those enslaved in the United States…//Para los que están esclavizados en los Estados Unidos … // 在美国奴役…// Для тех, порабощенные в США …

To those enslaved in the United States…
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With special sentiments for RICHARD FINE, RONALD GOTTSCHALK, and all other oppressed People of Los Angeles County, California, and beyond:

Dr Zernik also documented the refusal of Sheriff LEROY BACA to certify the electronic records, which he had produced as the arrest and booking records of those, whom he was falsely imprisoning at the time in the medical facilities of the Los Angeles County jails, on behalf of the LA-JR (Los Angeles Judiciary Racket).

[1] April 20, 2010 Motion to Intervene and related papers in Fine v Sheriff (09-A827) at the US Supreme Court


Who controls the electronic records of the Supreme Court of the State of Israel? IBM?

The Israeli Courts Administration is asked to produce records, which document the identity of those, who hold the ultimate administrative authority for the servers of the Supreme Court.  The evidence so far would lead any reasonable person to conclude that it is NOT the Clerk of the Supreme Court of the State of Israel. In Israel computing and legal experts are willing to discuss the issues and propose solutions.
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Clerk of the Court Sarah Lifschitz; Director of the Courts Administration Judge Moshe Gal, Supreme Court of Israel
View as PDF: http://www.scribd.com/doc/80023983/


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