12-01-31 Ship Commander Joan: we will be ready for takeoff August 17, 2012! // Comandante del buque Joan: estaremos listos para el despegue 17 de agosto 2012! // 船舶指挥官琼:我们将2012年8月17日,准备起飞!// Командир корабля Джоан: мы будем готовы к взлету 17 августа 2012!

At Space Cadet Joe’s request, Ship Commander Joan takes a minute off her busy schedule, for an interview on location on the Command Deck. She will get technical with you guys, but the ship WILL BE READY FOR TAKEOFF on AUGUST 17, 2012, as part of the Occuparty Jerusalem-AlQuds!

View the New Video:

~ If it ain’t a Party, it ain’t my occupation ~

#OccuParty Jerusalem-AlQuds!
August 17, 2012
Love, Peace, Justice
Empowering the People through
a dance/music/art/study/pray
summer celebration

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From Jerusalem to the Wall Street Protesters: we must bring this Robber Baron Era to an end!
Boris announcing #Occupy Jerusalem-AlQuds – The Party, August 17, 2012
Guantanamera: From Jerusalem to Guantanamo Bay — the US has lost all credibility as a Civil Society
Oh My God, it’s Occupy Jerusalem-AlQuds!
Eje: Barcelona-Amsterdam; To: Jerusalem; Sobre: El Amor
Ship Commander Joan is Reassuring: We will be ready for takeoff on August 17, 2012


About josephsdream2012

Join us for a dream party in Summer 2012 in Jerusalem al-Quds: Love, Peace and Justice (dance/music/art/study/pray) Summer Celebration
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