12-01-29 The American Psychological Association and Torture // La Asociación Americana de Psicología y Tortura // Американская психологическая ассоциация и пыток // 美国心理学协会和酷刑

I see this story as a low mark for the US civil society in our time.  This is not W Bush,  Cheney, or Obama.


Four Psychologists at the Gates of Hell: A Fable for Our Time

Sunday 29 January 2012
by: Roy Eidelson, Truthout | Fable

“In 2005, despite evidence that psychologists were involved in abusive and torturous interrogations of national security detainees, [the] American Psychological Association (APA) … concluded that psychologists play a critical role in keeping such interrogations ‘safe, legal, ethical and effective’….With this stance, the APA, the largest association of psychologists worldwide, became the sole major professional health care organization to support practices contrary to the international human rights standards that ought to be the benchmark against which professional codes of ethics are judged.”



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