12-01-06 Stolen Elections in the United States // Las elecciones robadas en los Estados Unidos// 在美国被盗的选举 // Похищенные Выборы в США


The paper below considers only two US presidential elections “stolen”.  However, counting the 2000 Supreme Court’s conduct in Bush v Gore, I count three US presidential elections “stolen”.
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Has America’s stolen election process finally hit prime time?
By Bob Fitrakis (about the author)

December 29, 2011

It took two stolen US Presidential elections and the prospect of another one coming up in 2012.
For years the Democratic Party and even much of the left press has reacted with scorn for those who’ve reported on it.
But the imperial fraud that has utterly corrupted our electoral process seems finally to be dawning on a broadening core of the American electorate—if it can still be called that.


Boycott the vote! It only legitimizes the illegitimate…
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Secede! The US in its current form is simply unmanageable…
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