11-12-24 Anti Putin protests in Moscow // Антивирус Путин протеста в Москве // Contra Putin protestas en Moscú // 反普京在莫斯科举行的抗议活动

Biggest Putin Protest Yet: Tens of Thousands Demonstrate in Moscow


Increasingly, it looks like Russian Winter is really happening, and what went down in Moscow today solidified it: tens of thousands of Russians descended upon the Kremlin to protest the fraudulent re-election of their current president, chanting “Russia Without Putin!” The avenue where the protests were held apparently has enough room for 100,000 people, and it was packed. Alexei Navalny, lawyer and blogger who has been credited with helping to mobilize the revolution, orated:


 “We have enough people here to take the Kremlin,” he shouted to the crowd. “But we are peaceful people and we won’t do that — yet. But if these crooks and thieves keep cheating us, we will take what is ours.”




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