11-12-25 Florida: Corruption of the Courts and the Legal Profession // Florida: La corrupción de los Tribunales y la Profesión Legal // 佛罗里达州:法院和法律界人士的腐败

Business as usual – corruption of the courts and the legal profession…

Erin Collins Cullaro


Florida Bar Appoints Robo-Signer to Position of Power
She worked at Florida Default Law Group, a fraudclosure mill. She then got a job at the Florida Attorney General’s office. She moonlighted as a document executor (notary) at the mill. She was involved in investigating Florida Default Law Group, her previous and current employer during her tenor as an Assistant Attorney General. After this corruption was exposed in Florida media, it took a FULL YEAR for her to be fired from the FL AG’s office. She unsuccessfully threw her hat in the ring to be chosen as a candidate for a Florida judgeship. Then, she took a job at another fraudclosure mill, Shapiro Fishman Gache.
Now, the Florida Bar has appointed her to ‘oversee’ attorney disciplinary actions.


Foreclosure Fraud and The Florida Bar

Erin Collins Cullaro Caught Lying To The Court… Again?



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