11-12-17 Crippling the right to unionize in the United States // Mutilando el derecho a la sindicalización en los Estados Unidos // 致残组织工会的权利,在美国

The increasing restrictions on union bargaining in the United States, is one of the key issues that reflect the schism that took place in the United States in recent years.

Emacs!  Emacs!
Wisconsin State Capitol – protest against the anti-union bill (2010)
Crippling the Right to Organize


Published: December 16, 2011

Unless something changes in Washington, American workers will, on New Year’s Day, effectively lose their right to be represented by a union. If this nightmare comes to pass, it will represent the culmination of three decades of Republican resistance to the board — an unwillingness to recognize the fundamental right of workers to band together, if they wish, to seek better pay and working conditions.




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