11-12-12 The War with Iran – Act I is over! //الحرب مع ايران — القانون الأول هو أكثر! // La guerra con Irán – Acto I ha terminado! // 与伊朗的战争 – 法,我结束了!

Mixed results in Act I in what may become a prophetic war…
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November 12 Iranian missile base was destroyed by explosion, and December 8 Iran captured a largely intact US RQ-170 Sentinel spy drone.

View as PDF: The War with Iran – Act I is over!
View the Video: Oh My God – it’s Occupy Jerusalem-AlQuds!

Los Angeles, December 12 – “while the world is absorbed by markets on the brink, right and left, civil unrest in the Middle East, in tne US, Russia, and Europe, and growing concerns that Europe was taken over by bankers, the intended War with Iran was launched, and Act I is over,” says Joseph Zernik, PhD, of Human Rights Alert (NGO).

In recent weeks:

  • A series of mysterious very large explosions harmed critical arsenals or production capacities in or associated with Iran.
  • A US intelligence drone was hijacked intact by Iran, secondary assets to be shared with partners China and Russia.

This war should be seen as an inseparable part of the global crisis.  This war harbors such risks that the warring sides are united in their efforts to deny that it was launched.  This war brings into the arena new tactical and strategic thinking and capabilities.  This war, if not contained, could lead to a drastic reduction in world population.

As part of efforts for the preservation of our civilization for future generations:
call for proposalsending January 10, 2012:

Occupy Jerusalem-AlQuds – the Party!
Late August 2012
Love, Peace, Justice

Empowering the People through
a dance/music/art/study/pray

Joseph Zernik, PhD
Human Rights Alert (NGO)
The 2010 submission of Human Rights Alert to the Human Rights Council (HRC) of the United Nations was reviewed by the HRC professional staff and incorporated in the official HRC Professional Staff Report with a note referring to “corruption of the courts and the legal profession and discrimination by law enforcement in California.”
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