11-10-12 Dealing with corrupt governments: Iceland, Germany, Ukraine, Czech Republic, US… // Tratar con gobiernos corruptos: Islandia, Alemania, Ucrania, República Checa, EE.UU. … // 处理腐败的政府:美国,捷克共和国,冰岛,德国,乌克兰…

Listening to BBC today, the news program admitted that the Iceland economy was recovering, contrary to all doom and gloom predictions previously proffered by its European neighbors…

As a reminder, Iceland decided NOT to pay the European banks, who entered shady loan deals with its previous government, and instead prosecuted some of its top politicians for their conduct in the matter…

However, the BBC moderator expressed his dismay that Iceland is “not serious about paying its bills”…

As a reminder, Iceland is also unique in its support for Julian Assange’s rights and efforts of Wikileaks…

In sun: Iceland is unique among “western democracies” in valuing the interests of its People more than the interests of the large banks!

Regarding corruption of European leaders:

  •  Ukraine sentenced its former President to 7 years in jail yesterday, for signing long term corrupt gas deals with Russia.  The European Union, predictably expressed its objection to the prosecution and prison sentence (the Ukraine may give some other People bad ideas?).
  • In contrast, the former German Chancellor Schroeder, who did the same, moreover, took the position of the Chairman of the Board of the Russian gas company immediately after leaving office, has never been prosecuted…
  • The Czechs are also doing well, so far, during the financial crisis.  The Czechs were also unique in their resistance to communism.  Visiting Prague, I was repeatedly reminded of their unique contribution to political science – “Defenestration”:  There were several instances in Czech history where the people stormed government and threw corrupt rulers out of the windows of the city tower…

To the degree that it is any consolation, the People of the US are not alone in being robbed by corrupt governments.
Below is an older BBC report.
Page last updated at 11:00 GMT, Saturday, 30 July 2011 12:00 UK
Could Iceland be a model for debt-ridden Europe?
By Justin Rowlatt
BBC News, Reykjavik

(File photo 2008) Shoppers in Reykjavik
Nearly three years after the Icelandic economy imploded, the country appears to be recovering, and some believe its approach may offer a possible solution to Europe’s debt problems.

Iceland does not seem like a country in the grip of a crisis.


Jerusalem Al-Quds, August 2012
Love, Peace, Justice (dance/music/art/study/pray) Summer Celebration
date to be scheduled

Corruption of governments and banking regulation is one of the topics to be studied in the Jerusalem al-Quds August 2012 summer celebration.



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