11-09-07 Vision for Jerusalem: Medinah Aminah // Visión de Jerusalén: Medinah Aminah // 耶路撒冷的愿景:梅地那Aminah

The world has entered a new medieval period – the Digital Medieval Period.  There is no way to predict how long it will last.

There were various strategies for overcoming the hurdles and preserving human knowledge and civil society alive over such periods.

One successful, long term strategy was the establishment of a “Free City”.

This medinah aminah has the right and the tradition to become such Free City, defying both political and corporate sovereigns, for the benefit of its own People and the People everywhere.


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Join us for a dream party in Summer 2012 in Jerusalem al-Quds: Love, Peace and Justice (dance/music/art/study/pray) Summer Celebration
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