10-09-06 Vision for Jerusalem: Let’s start with the light train… // Visión de Jerusalén: Vamos a empezar con el tren ligero … // 对耶路撒冷的愿景:让我们开始与光的火车…


Letter to a Palestinian Friend

Date: Tue, 06 Sep 2011 06:05:16 +0300
From: joseph zernik <jz12345@earthlink.net>
Subject: Vision for Jerusalem – the light train

M Shalom:

I was wondering what your vision is for the light train, now operating for free for a couple of weeks.

I see it owned by a multi-party association, collecting fees in multiple currencies, translated into a digital coupon.

See you soon,



Since I believe the light train is a symbolic test case, I think the two party zones for next year should both be on the train’s route, e.g. Kikar Zion and Beit Hanina (vs Silwan, for example).



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Join us for a dream party in Summer 2012 in Jerusalem al-Quds: Love, Peace and Justice (dance/music/art/study/pray) Summer Celebration
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